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Te voi săruta ca soarele,
Și îmbrățișa ca luna.

Degetele-mi vor fi constelații ce se vor inoda în jurul taliei tale.

Te voi acoperi ca cerul senin un lac limpede, în a căror întâlnire oglindindu-se infinitul,

Iar buzele-mi, îți vor fi orizont în a căror zenit vei fi o pasăre cu aripile întinse.

Theory of Mind – Brown Eyes


It just got to me, to my bone.

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Regat imaginat

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Paradoxul vietii, alergaturii-n ea…
Un barbat ce-si construieste regat,
O coroana, din oameni supusi in lupta,
Coroana de intrebari grele-i atarna,
Pe sufletul ce nu cuvanta.
Rugina, fara realizarea… incojurat de oameni,
Crede ca vor sa-i fure chemarea.
Se lupta, e doar a lui coroana.
Doar e rege… are langa el un vesmant de regina…

Ea, o coroana de mister inchipuita dintr-un crater.
Suflete… la picioarele-i le alearga, le condamna.
Se odihneste intr-un regat, pe-un pat de morti,
desi ei par toti a dormi-n floare de colt…
De ne-nteles, de neatins, in siguranta-i vis,
Are langa ea doar sabia unui cavaler
Trimis sa culeag-o floare de colt.

Welcome to the universe of the unadaptable toys, and unediquit souls of mischief, sober for love.

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Call me Kem(The Electric Boogie)Estry.

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And now i realize, that i might never find love,
Or somebody beside me.
Who could be that crazy, i mean…
I’m like an expensive rare and exotic creature, one of that kind, Gatsby would bring to his parties
To entertain his guests,
Because i tell the truth, i make you laugh, but say it raw
i say what you don’t dare to say or do or even dream
and it’s fine it’s great for the moment, that moment when everybody can dream, dare and so on…
Cause i just do it, even more than Nike does,
Im like an ecstasy pill,
That smoked weed, indeed i did…
I’m the wild child of an Kaleidoscope Eyes Monster,
KemEstry is my name, Kem goes short
don’t have to identify with it,
Cause it’s a game, i do it for the love.

So how can you love somebody that cuts you open, and throws love salt inside,
oNE that speaks the truth, when you just want to hear lies and
Seeks for your roots….
And realizes that people can’t take nothing from you, they can’t strip you bare and naked like a bone
Then cry out that they’ve left you with no soul….
because you might not have had a soul to begin with, it was just ego, just a prosthetic,
or all by yourself emptied it.


Something in that nothing.

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Nothing new…
Ordinary blue.
Ordinary black death,
Ordinary white’s mess.

I won’t be there… that’s a lie.
You will be there, it’s the same as mine.

Nothing new, just an old habit died.

I am glad to say, we did not die together,
I am sad to say, i died long time ago, it seems forever…

I am sad to have only the pain,
Some how still don’t feel the same,
I am glad to still have the weather.

-Sofa Surfin’ EP. 1 – Trippin’ in the past, bringing back sweet memory.___

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We’re gonna’ keep it groovie y’all,
And go back to that funky funk,
That old school hip hop.
Where the roots are, straight from the heart…
To the concept of raw, from witch love becomes art.

Don’t get it wrong,
it ain’t like i’m saying something against hip hop,
But see, what tHey have forgot, is to talk, about love.
And without love, your ass is lacking major shit in your life.
Them punk ass, runnin’ around talking about how much pussy they got,
But if your ass ain’t never been in love, pffff shorty,
Your ass done missed the hole shit…I swear, now a days, hip hop lost they god damn’ mind.

So join me, Sofa Surfin’,
To take a ride down amneasia lane…as we keep doing this,

never egotistical,
Never cliche, or stereotypical – (straight) from the heart.
Whether it’s concept or rhyme,

It’s the concept of raw,
It’s where the roots are – everything else being the fruits son,

So I rub it in, leave you feeling warm, all, at the same time… KemEstry/